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• Episode 6: Sacrilegiosity •


• The Hosts ~ Shea Bilé & Matt Johnson •


On this episode of Deferred Gnosis –


Good without gods – we investigate and debate the existence of secular religion. Secular Humanism, The Cult of Reason, The Ethical Culture Movement, Syntheism, The Satanic Temple – we discuss the history and rise of sacrilegiosity.


We interview Zach Black, creator of Satanic International Network.

We interview Samuel Hartman and Zak Denham of the black metal band, Anagnorisis.


We passionately investigate secular religion –
  • Secular Religion… the problem of definition.
  • Is Secular Humanism a religion?
  • The history of religious humanism.
  • The religious fervor of the Ethical Culture Movement.
  • Supreme Court rulings – how the State weighs in.
  • Matt argues that supernatural beliefs are central to religion.
  • Shea calls for the necessary evolution of religious and spiritual thought – divinity after the death of god.
  • Can we trust the religious to define religion?
  • The future of spiritual expression  in an increasingly secular world.



An in-depth interview with Samuel Hartman and Zak Denham of Anagnorisis –
  • Beyond all Light – the music of Anagnorisis.
  • The philosophy of progressive anti-religion and its role in their adversarial artistic expressions.




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‡ Intro Musick: Invocation of Nothing by Shea Bilé and Ian Flux. ‡

‡ Musical Contribution to this episode (Bumper and Outro Song) – Cursed Blood and Bountiful Godless Life by Anagnorisis

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2 comments on “Episode 6: Sacrilegiosity

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  1. Dusan Mar 27, 2016

    Hello sirs,

    It was really interesting and feisty argument. Both of your summations at the end were on the spot. And that is the real question will we change meaning of religion, or we are going to make something new, like an idea of Syntheism, that was mentioned. Maybe you should also talk about “parody religions” or “mock religions”, because sometimes it is hard do decide where is the line between sincere and satire.

    Have a good time, and keep up with a good work!

    • Dusan – We will definitely explore religion once more in all its forms in a future episode. Thank you for your kind words, and for listening. Highest Cheers.

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