• Episode 5: Artificial Intelligence •


• The Hosts ~ Shea Bilé & Matt Johnson •


On this episode of Deferred Gnosis –

We discuss the rise of artificial intelligence and the myriad of implications concerning its future – the future of god. We also interview Aaron Sidell, the artist behind Gloriam Draconis


We passionately investigate artificial intelligence and its implications –
  • What is Artificial Intelligence? The narrow, the general, and the superintelligence.
  • Is true artificial intelligence possible? Synthetic vs. Organic consciousness.
  • A synthetic spirit? The spiritual implications of artificial intelligence.
  • Carbon vs. Silicon – Is there more to consciousness than mere calculation?
  • Superintelligence and the Singularity – will the digital God be merciful?



An in-depth interview with Aaron Sidell of Gloriam Draconis –
  • The glory of the dragon and the war in Heaven – the brutal spiritual and musical expressions of Aaron Sidell.


[Some Inspiration/Research for this Episode – The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence, by Tim Urban, and the work of Nick Bostrom.]



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‡ Intro Musick: Invocation of Nothing by Shea Bilé and Ian Flux. ‡

‡ Musical Contribution to this episode (Bumper and Outro Song) – Athanor and Bellum in Caelo by Gloriam Draconis

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