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We live in a world of gnosis deferred. We have come to a point in our societal evolution where self-awareness and existential cognizance are scarce; and now more then ever, we are desperately struggling to reconcile the ethical, moral, political, and religious shortcomings of our global zeitgeist.

The primary purpose of the Deferred Gnosis podcast is to bring together contrasting perspectives sourced directly from the fringe to deconstruct the preconceptions of our culture through the use of critical thought and passionate discourse. By relentlessly investigating the whys and wherefores most are unwilling to explore, we will grasp those fleeting eternal truths necessary to liberate us from the shackles of sedentary Belief. Although we indeed live in a mad world, we will unravel the pervasive madness by sharpening reason against the whetstone of radical thought.

Deferred Gnosis is a monthly podcast, the primary format of which is topic-driven discussion, with the occasional guest to weigh in on particular subjects. On every installment, we will devote a segment of the show to showcase underground music and art – the darker, the better.

Welcome to the Deferred Gnosis podcast…

This is not punditry – this is philosophizing with a hammer.

Shea Bilé - Bio Pic
SoCal-based poet, Shea Bilé, has been a practicing Satanist and occultist for most of his life. His penchant for the written word has landed his writings in various publications, one of which was an early culmination and collection of his work, “Excuse All The Blood”, published in 2006. His most notable efforts in expression have come in the form of spoken word performance poetry and music, a fusion of tragic instrumentation, punk-poetics, and unrepentant occulture.
His recently released debut album, “Tzimtzum”, released in 2016, combines spoken word lyricism with neoclassical instrumentation and details a Sendak-inspired Qlipothic journey of a man’s progressive deconstruction through the desolate landscape of the divine.


 More information about his musical work could be found here.

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